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About Your Macintosh… is a Granada Hills, CA based consulting and training firm. We support businesses and individuals, responding to a wide range of clients, and a broad range of needs. In order to respond to this diversity, our services are performed on-site, at the client’s location or via Live, Online Support Sessions.

Our technical support services include hardware and software installation and upgrades, upgrade recommendations, troubleshooting, networking, backup solutions, macintosh maintenance, and internet support. Most repairs and upgrades can be accomplished at your location, however, for those few instances for which onsite support is not viable, we’ve partnered with a nationally renowned upgrade and repair company.

For Data Recovery, we’ve partnered with 2 of the most reliable, best-in-the-business data recovery companies. By visiting our Data Recovery page, you will receive discount coupons and benefits to serve your data recovery needs.

Note: Although we offer great deals on data recovery, there is no better solution than having a reliable backup system in place. Please contact us, for customized backup solutions to suit your needs.

We offer training in a great many aspects of the Macintosh, from beginning Mac, to traditional office applications, as well as specialized graphics and multimedia apps. We have a NEW training division which offers far more than simply Macintosh Training. Please visit AYM 4 Training at http://www.aym4training.com for more information.

Our web page design and graphics services are customized to suit each customer’s individual needs.

To contact About Your Macintosh…, please call

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