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All my clients know that there’s no substitute for a reliable backup system in place for your valuable data. Backup is an imperative for business or personal productivity (just like flat tires on your car, there’s no good time for your hard drive to fail, but for some reason, hard drives seem to know when you’re right in the middle of a time-sensitive project). With a reliable backup of your startup drive, and a backup system for your productive data, many tragedies can be avoided. Please contact us for customized solutions to suit your needs.

But sometimes, our best laid plans go awry. In cases like these, it’s best to use a professional clean-room hard drive disk recovery service to bring back your valuable data.

Through a special arrangement between About Your Macintosh… and DriveSavers Data Recovery (be sure to mention Discount Code DS16297) – a best reviewed, premiere data recovery service, we can now offer you professional data recovery with reduced rates and significant discounts!

Click the DriveSavers image below to get:

  • 10% discount on DriveSavers services
  • No up-front charges – Now offering FREE evaluations
  • No “Attempt Fee” if data is not recoverable, there is no charge (a $200 savings).
    • Note: single drive (no RAIDS) Economy and Standard services only
  • No charge for return shipping, if data is not recoverable.
  • Flat fee service for JPEG recoveries
    • JPEG/JPG format only, photo recovery on a single HD for $950 less a 10% discount
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If you prefer to contact DriveSavers by telephone, call 800-440-1904 and provide them with ID# DS16297 to receive the discounts listed above

If you prefer, you can contact DriveSavers directly by telephone at 800-440-1904 – don’t forget to mention Discount Code DS16297

DriveSavers is now also offering eDiscovery solutions that are legally defensible and repeatable, customized to control costs and manage individual aspects of the electronic discovery process from beginning to end.
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The Hard Drive Simulator

DriveSavers Data Recovery has devised this excellent simulator to teach you how data storage devices work, demonstrate symptoms of common drive failures, and illustrate the benefits of using DriveSavers professional data recovery service to retrieve lost data.

There’s even a new feature to the simulator, which demonstrates SSD failures.



Informational Videos

Last, but not least, we have some great videos to provide you with a more in-depth look at what’s happening to your hard drive at DriveSavers. Here, we have a Virtual Tour, a Cleanroom Tour, and a look at DriveSavers Security.

Virtual Tour

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Clean Room Tour

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DriveSavers Security

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